POWERbreathe at The London Bike Show 2013

POWERbreathe supported Koolstof cycling equipment this year at The London Bike Show, with a POWERbreathe zone in the Bike Radar Training Hub – view gallery.

Visitors moved from zone to zone where they were advised at each stage as to how best to improve their cycling performance. Over the 4 days, POWERbreathe adviser, Duncan (our very own Mr Motivator), trained over 120 cyclists interested in improving their breathing strength and stamina. There was fierce competition too, with many wanting to compare their breathing strength, power, flow and volume with fellow cyclists, on the POWERbreathe K5. Existing POWERbreathe users also visited Duncan for some hints and tips, as well as a few who’d neglected their breathing training and needed a refresher on how to use their POWERbreathe.

Duncan reported a very rewarding day for all concerned – not only for visitors to the Bike Radar Training Hub, but also for all at POWERbreathe, when one visitor revealed how he no longer needed to use his asthma inhalers since he started breathing training with POWERbreathe!

Read more about how POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training has been shown to improve cycling time trial performance.

If you visited The London Bike Show and came to see POWERbreathe in the Bike Radar Training Hub, then please leave comments here about your experience, and if you’re already using POWERbreathe to improve your cycling performance, then we’d love to hear from you too.


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