POWERbreathe athlete Gi Ka Man wins the ASICS Hong Kong 10K Challenge 2012

Terry Tang from Healthcare & Co., our POWERbreathe friends in Hong Kong, are delighted to share the news that their POWERbreathe athlete Gi Ka Man came first in the ASICS Hong Kong 10k Challenge on 4th November! Congratulations Gi Ka Man for a fantastic race time!

Gi Ka Man, founder and Head Coach of the Hong Kong running club, Runners Athletic Club, has been using POWERbreathe since 2009 and has been training with Professor Tong whose major area is in respiratory physiology but who also has an interest in health-related physical fitness.

Gi Ka Man is also the record holder for the Hong Kong half marathon – winning by a huge 35-second margin – 15km and 10,000km run.

Thank you Terry for sharing this wonderful news with us.

If you’ve been using POWERbreathe as part of your marathon training then we’d love to hear from you, and if you have a message for Gi Ka Man then please leave a comment here.

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