Postural Activity Of The Diaphragm Is Reduced In Humans When Respiratory Demand Increases

“Respiratory activity of the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles is normally co-ordinated with their other functions, such as for postural control of the trunk when the limbs move. The integration may occur by summation of two inputs at the respiratory motoneurons. The present study investigated whether postural activity of the diaphragm changed when respiratory drive increased with hypercapnoea.” Conclusion: “The findings of the present study have implications for the organisation of postural and respiratory activities of ‘respiratory’ trunk muscles and suggest that stability of the spine may be compromised in situations in which respiratory demand is increased, such as exercise and respiratory disease. Although investigation of spinal mechanics is required to confirm the extent to which spinal control is compromised by the increase in respiratory demand, it is hypothesised that such a compromise may lead to increased potential for injury to spinal structures and reduced postural control. During strenuous exercise, when the physical stresses to the spine are greater, the physiological vulnerability of the spine to injury is likely to be increased.” Postural activity of the diaphragm is reduced in humans when respiratory demand increases >

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