Screening For Cardiac And Respiratory Problems In Elite Sport

This article published in Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine discusses how the process of screening athletes for cardiac and respiratory anomalies presents a number of challenges.


“Based on the current best available evidence, there is a strong case to argue that respiratory screening should be included in any comprehensive physiological screening /pre-participation assessment in athletes and integrated cardiorespiratory assessment is likely to be indicated in certain groups of high-risk athletes (e.g. elite-level endurance athletes). In the meantime, while we await further research to guide the optimal approach in this area, certainly affording athletes close medical attention to their cardiorespiratory health is the least a responsible clinician can offer.”

The POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link Live Feedback software offers clinicians, coaches and elite athletes themselves the opportunity to assess their own breathing parameters. Athletes can perform breathing training on the hand-held K5 device using its variable threshold resistance training to exercise their breathing muscles to improve strength and stamina and reduce fatigue. The Breathe-Link Live Feedback software provides real-time feedback on screen which can be analysed and assessed by the clinician or coach, providing essential feedback of respiratory history and for personalised training programmes. The K5 enables up to a maximum of 30 user profiles and 1200 stored sessions per user making it ideal for team use by the coach.

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