Obesity doesn’t have to prevent you from being physically active

Obesity doesn’t have to prevent you from being physically active

The World Obesity Federation predicts that if current trends continue, 2.7 billion adults will be overweight by 2025. Almost every country in the world is experiencing the effects of the obesity epidemic. And the World Obesity Federation believe that overweight and obesity levels will continue to rise.

Obesity and physical activity

People who are obese often experience shortness of breath. And they experience this not just during exercise but also at rest. This is a result of the extra weight on their chest. It’s this extra weight that impedes the action of the inspiratory muscles. As a result obese people are less able to exercise effectively. And so begins a viscous cycle of not exercising and consequent detraining of the breathing muscles.

Study shows POWERbreathe IMT is helpful

A recent study found that POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) improves the functional fitness of obese adults.

Objective of this study

The purpose of this study is to look into improving functional fitness in adults with obesity. It examines the efficacy of inspiratory muscle training (IMT). The study uses POWERbreathe IMT as a non-intrusive and practical intervention. Researchers used POWERbreathe IMT to stimulate improved functional fitness in adults with obesity.

Study method

The study randomly assigns 67 obese adults into two groups. One is an experimental group. The other is a placebo group. The experimental group were asked to perform 4-weeks of POWERbreathe IMT set to 55% of maximum inspiratory effort. The placebo group were also asked to perform 4-weeks of POWERbreathe IMT, but set to 10% of maximum inspiratory effort.

Study results

The experimental group showed significant improvements in inspiratory muscle strength. They were also able to significantly extend post training walking distance. By contrast the placebo group did not show any improvements.


Findings suggest that POWERbreathe IMT provides a practical, self-administered intervention to improve the functional fitness of obese adults. Furthermore their findings show that it is suitable for use in the home environment. Finally the study suggests that it could lead to better preparedness for engagement in physical activity. Efficacy of inspiratory muscle training as a practical and minimally intrusive technique to aid functional fitness among adults with obesity.

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