Commendation for POWERbreathe Hungary

Congratulations to our POWERbreathe distributor in Hungary who have just been awarded a commendation declaring their quality as a medical device distributor. The award commends them on achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and reliability. POWERbreathe Hungary are experts in POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) and have been active in presenting POWERbreathe IMT and Shaker mucus clearance devices by POWERbreathe at numerous medical events to the medical profession. Thanks to POWERbreathe Hungary the original POWERbreathe Medic has been approved for prescription in Hungary and the medical committee of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (Magyar Olimpiai Bizottság – MOB) has recommended POWERbreathe IMT to athletes as part of their athletic training. Also, because POWERbreathe IMT is drug-free, the Hungarian Anti-Doping Group have also shown their support for its use, and the sport secretary of state for the Hungarian Ministry is now aware of the benefits of POWERbreathe IMT and has assigned POWERbreathe testing to the field of Sports Science and Diagnostic Centre, located in the National Sports Centre. This is a wonderful achievement and POWERbreathe International Limited is very proud to include them as part of our POWERbreathe family. Visit POWERbreathe Hungary > View document (large) >

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