Ian Locke – week 2 of my POWERbreathe K5 training

Ian Locke, founder of Thrive Personal Training in Swindon, provides personal training in a private gym as well as nutritional analysis to help clients reach their health and fitness goals.

Here he tells us how he’s been getting on with his second week of POWERbreathe K5 training…

Ian Locke, Thrive Personal TrainingSo the second week of my POWERbreathe training is complete, but there isn’t a lot of progress to report. In fact, my test results regressed slightly this week, but then that can sometimes be expected with muscle development. Now that I’ve got a bit of history in the Breathe-link PC software, I’ve been trying to make sense of the charts, but my results are all up and down so far, so not really possible to find a trend.

I’m expecting this to change this week as I have moved from the automatic training method (where the K5 assesses your strength on the first few breaths and sets the resistance accordingly) to the manual training method. I found that if my technique wasn’t perfect on the initial breaths, the automatic route wouldn’t be consistently challenging enough for me. Setting a manual load (currently 90cmH2O) makes it easier for me to check my progress.

But has the training made a difference? I went for a hilly 6.4 mile run this week. It was 27 degrees and perhaps my slowest run ever (I don’t do well in the heat), but the hills did seem easier than I had expected. I made a real effort to breathe as if I was using the K5 and just focussing on the technique distracted me from the difficulties of the heat! The big downside was the increased number of flies I swallowed on the way round.

For next week, I will stick with the manual training method and increase the load slowly, but I am also going to introduce the K5 to one of my personal training clients that is a keen runner to see what she thinks.

Ian Locke
Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor

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