Four Weeks of Inspiratory Muscle Training Improves Self-Paced Walking Performance in Overweight and Obese Adults: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Journal of ObesityA new Clinical Study, published in the Journal of Obesity (Volume 2012, Article ID 918202), examined whether a programme of inspiratory muscle training (IMT), using POWERbreathe, improves accumulative distance of self-paced walking in overweight and obese adults.

Fifteen overweight and obese adults were randomised into experimental and placebo groups. Lung function, inspiratory muscle performance, 6-minute walking test, and predicted VO2 max were assessed prior to and following the 4-week IMT intervention.

Both groups performed 30 inspiratory breaths, twice daily using POWERbreathe.

They concluded the study by suggesting that inspiratory muscle training (IMT) provides a practical, minimally intrusive intervention to significantly augment both inspiratory muscle performance and walking distance covered by overweight and obese adults in a clinically relevant 6-minute walk test. This indicates that IMT may provide a useful priming (preparatory) strategy prior to entry in a physical training programme for overweight and obese adults.

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