New POWERbreathe Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly developed website.

The website underwent a redesign in order to fulfil the requirements that our visitors have been expressing. It now clearly directs visitors to the area that interests them the most:

Here are just a few new features of the site:

Evidence that POWERbreathe IMT is beneficial

There is now a Knowledge Base of research relating to Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) for Fitness & Sports and for Health & Lifestyle.

You will be able to quickly view the very ‘Latest’ research added to the website, and the most ‘Popular’ research being viewed.

Search for products and articles

We have introduced a more advanced main search. Using Search in the top navigation will return results for both ‘Product Results’ and ‘Article Results’. You may switch between the two by clicking on each Results button.

We help you choose the right model for you

POWERbreathe Devices is a new menu option that’s been developed to assist you when choosing which POWERbreathe model is right for you. Based upon your answers to a couple of questions, the less suitable models will be filtered out and you will be presented with the model/s deemed to be the most appropriate for you.

Medical – for Healthcare Professionals

This area of the website is for licensed and practicing healthcare professionals only. It is an educational knowledge base that supplements and draws upon the professional training, experience, and knowledge of such healthcare professionals, and we will talk more about this in our next blog.

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