Breathe better and get fitter

Breathlessness is a common feature of lung and heart disease, but as we know all too well, it’s also a feature of normal exercise. Research has shown that the strength of the inspiratory muscles has a direct influence on how hard we can breathe and how breathless we feel whilst doing it.

If the muscles are weakened or fatigued (inspiratory muscles can fatigue by as much as 20%) then we can’t breathe as hard and breathing requires greater effort; we experience the effort as breathlessness.

Think about how much heavier a dummbbell feels on the 12th repetition than it did on the first. In the same way, if the inspiratory muscles are weakened or fatigued, breathing feels harder.

All is not lost though. POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training will help as it exercises your breathing muscles to make them stronger and more resistant to fatigue! And because your breathing stamina increases, your sports performance will improve and you’ll be able to exercise for longer with less effort.

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