PBAS Hypoxic Generator (High Performance Unit)

PBAS Hypoxic Generator (High Performance Unit) cannot be purchased online.

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The PBAS Hypoxic Generator (High Performance Unit) offers the latest technology in simulated altitude training and can be used with the PBAS Mask Based, Room Based, or Inflatable modules, or installed as part of a whole room.

This product cannot be purchased online, therefore please see 'How to order' below.

In stock  -  REF: ATSHP


  • 8 inch LCD display screen with lultiple functionality and programmability
  • Hard wired pulse oxymeter feedback loop for O2 saturation training zones (supplied with unit)
  • Biofeedback of the altitude control, based on the users current oximetry and workload
  • Flow rate of 130Lpm at 5000m
  • 3 Programme Modes: Manual; Fitness Training; Weight Loss
  • Weight 30kg
  • Piping Kit and Mask comes with unit


The 'manual' mode allows the user to control the preset pulse oximetry point and time of session.


The 'fitness' mode has the following pre-programmed programmes:

  • Baseline Active Test
  • Baseline Sleep Test
  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • Hard
  • Pre-Acclimitisation
  • Sleep


The 'calorie burn' mode is based on weight loss protocols:

  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • Hard
  • Passive

This PBAS Hypoxic Generator (High Performance Unit) cannot be purchased online. Therefore for prices and to order, please CONTACT US

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