If climbing stairs leaves you breathless

This article in Psychology Today discovers why even the fittest of people can feel breathless when they climb the stairs.

Does being breathless mean you need to hit the gym?

Well we are told in the article that even marathon runners get winded when they fly up the stairs at pace. And so feeling out of breath is clearly nothing to do with physical fitness.

It’s your brain that’s the issue

It turns out that rather than being unfit it’s your brain that’s telling you to stop breathing.

Psychology Today tells us that we (and some animals) breathe more slowly when concentrating on a specific task. This applies to running up the stairs.

How the brain affects our breathing

Apparently we combine a small burst of oxygen consumption by our muscles with a small burst of oxygen deprivation through our reduced breathing. This, the article tells us, results in our blood oxygen plummeting. Then, when you reach the top of the stairs, the brain sends a message to breathe rapidly to replace the missing oxygen.

The solution

The article suggests that we concentrate on taking deep breaths as we approach a flight of steps. POWERbreathe breathing muscle training will help you to do just that. It will also help when you’re running up the steps. This is because POWERbreathe breathing training exercises your breathing muscles. It will make your breathing muscles stronger, reducing fatigue. It improves breathing stamina too. So with improved breathing strength and stamina you will breathe more easily.

The science bit

Clinical trials show that POWERbreathe breathing muscle training reduces breathlessness and restores breathing power. It has also been clincially proven to increase breathing muscle strength by up to 45%.

The supporting studies

Specificity and Reversibility of Inspiratory Muscle Training

Effects of controlled inspiratory muscle training in patients with COPD

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