Cycling performance improves with better breathing

This article in Bicycling magazine recommends that you “harness your lung power for a stronger, faster cycling experience”.

Improve your oxygen uptake while cycling

The main topic of this article is to teach cyclists to focus on their breathing. By taking deep quality breaths as you pedal you can improve your performance.

As a cyclist you may think about your breathing while cycling only in terms of breathing hard. But is your breathing high-paced and coming from your chest? If so then you’re limiting your intake of oxygen, the article reports. This will leave your muscles hungry for more.

Breathe better

So improving how you breathe will have positive benefits on your performance. Therefore the author of the article talks to breathwork practitioner Al Lee for breathing advice. Al compares breathing efficiency to improving your car’s miles per gallon. He explains how with a bit of training you will improve your breathing efficiency.

One of the breathing techniques Al suggests is deep, belly breathing. In order to achieve this you need to use your diaphragm. The diaphragm is your main breathing muscle.

Recruit your diaphragm

POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training helps you to recruit your diaphragm. As you breathe in through your POWERbreathe IMT device you are exercising your diaphragm. The exercise comes from breathing in against a resistance, or breathing load. Because the load is adjustable you can increase it. You will need to increase it as your breathing muscles become stronger. It’s just like any other training. When you find your POWERbreathe breathing training is getting easy then you need to increase your load. This trains your breathing muscles to become progressively stronger. Consequently breathing stamina increases. As a result your performance improves too.

The article concludes by reminding you to check in with your breathing as you pedal. If you find you’re breathing from your chest, take a deep breath and reset. Remember your POWERbreathe breathing training and you’ll find you’ll be recruiting your diaphragm again.

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