POWERbreathe users caught on camera - July 2016

Here’s a round-up of people using POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) from across the world. If you use POWERbreathe IMT and would like to be included in our next bulletin, then please visit POWERbreatheUK on Facebook page to submit your photo and comment. Thank you!

Luisa Sial wins Gold and Bronze

Luisa, poolside using POWERbreathe to warm-up her breathing muscles
Luisa from Brazil is an Aquathon winner and uses POWERbreathe IMT not only as part of her daily training to improve her breathing speed, strength and stamina, but also as a warm-up prior to events, using her POWERbreathe pool-side on a lower setting.

After using her POWERbreathe prior to the event Luisa went on to win GOLD in the 200m backstroke and BRONZE in both the 100m backstroke and 200m freestyle events.

Nathália uses POWERbreathe herself and with her patients

Nathalia, physiotherapist, using POWERbreathe to help improve her running performancePhysiotherapist and runner Nathália from Alagoas in Brazil uses POWERbreathe IMT to help improve her running performance but she also uses POWERbreathe with her asthma and COPD patients and athletes too.






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Silvini Madshus Team, Czech Republic

Silvini Madshus Team warming up their breathing muscles with POWERbreatheFour members of the Silvini Madshus Team were not shy with the POWERbreathe training as can be seen in their photo. The team are a group of sports enthusiasts who share a common focus in cross-country skiing.


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Paralympic rower Maria Eugenia Bishop

Gena performing rowing specific POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle trainingAfter a an accident at the gym that left Maria aka Gena with a fracture in her lumbar spine, Gena later regained some leg movement and has gone on to become a paralympic rower in Brazil. We were lucky enough to see her beginning her rowing-specific inspiratory muscle training with the POWERbreathe K5 in this video.

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MTB-Pro Uwe Hochenwarter

MTB-Pro's photo showing winning medal and his POWERbreathe K5POWERbreathe user Uwe Hochenwarter became overall winner at the 119km distance in the Salzkammergut Trophy - the largest mountain bike marathon in Austria! He also secured the title of European Champion in the Master class.

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