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POWERbreathe Medic Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) is available for prescription on the NHS for patients with medical conditions such as COPD, Heart Failure, Asthma, Thoracic Surgery, Ventilator Weaning, Cystic Fibrosis and Neuromuscular Disease.

It offers an evidence-based, drug-free treatment for patients with medical conditions where dyspnoea (breathlessness) is present. It is the only Inspiratory Muscle Training device available for prescription that has been used in research into the benefits of IMT for a variety of medical conditions and prescribed by medical professionals as either a standalone intervention or as part of a rehabilitation programme.

This Information For Healthcare Professionals leaflet is available to download should you wish to take it along to your clinic appointment. It provides a brief overview for the healthcare professional about: How POWERbreathe works; IMT in COPD; IMT in asthma; IMT in chronic heart failure; IMT in other medical conditions; Contraindications; and all references.

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