Too fat to breathe

The Sunday Mirror recently reported about how “Britain's exploding obesity epidemic has led to children having to be put on ventilators – because they are too fat to breathe.”

This is a distressing situation when children as young as 6 years old need treatment for the potentially fatal condition, alveolar ­hypoventilation, which means they can’t get enough oxygen into their blood.

For children who are overweight, bullying, teasing and inappropriate comments can be a common occurrence and a hindrance to getting outside with friends and being more active. They can make a child resort to eating more, but with POWERbreathe breathing training you can help to break this cycle and help the child build a healthier self-esteem.

Here's how POWERbreathe can help

POWERbreathe breathing training increases the strength and stamina of the breathing muscles and reduces fatigue, so any form of exercise, after just 4-weeks of breathing training will feel ‘easier’. This gives a great boost to morale. And when something feels easier, you're more inclined to do it more. And because it only takes 30 breaths in the morning and 30 breaths in the evening to gain these benefits (from 4-weeks on), POWERbreathe is a great motivator and training can be performed by the child in private (under supervision) as opposed to training in front of a whole class during PE.

POWERbreathe breathing training may be used by children over the age of 7 (the Plus series is more comfortable for children) who are old enough to understand how to effectively perform the breathing exercises under the supervision of an adult. Always check with your GP first before undertaking any form of training.

There's no doubt that being overweight can be hard, both physically and emotionally. But with just 5 minute’s a day of POWERbreathe training you can help a child to feel better - and breathe better!

This 17-year-old POWERbreathe user came over to see us at the Desford Triathlon to tell us that he’d had POWERbreathe for about 2 months and “my fitness has increased already. I can run farther and I can run for longer.” Here he is telling us about it...

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